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How much can I earn?

We pay you for every hour of video you watch on YouTube and Hulu (we’re working on adding more platforms soon). The current rate is $0.35/hour, not including bonuses and surveys. It's important to keep in mind that this isn't a job. It's a way to earn a little extra on the side while doing something you already do (watch videos online). Depending on how much you watch, it could easily cover the cost of several of your favorite streaming services.

How do I join the panel?

It’s simple. Complete this quick survey to see if you qualify. If we're a good fit, you'll install the extension and start earning!

What bonuses do you offer?

We're not a survey company, we don't like filling out surveys any more than the next person! With that said, sometimes you'll see anonymous 1-2 question surveys about videos you may or may not have watched pop up on your Attently Audience dashboard. In the future, we plan to provide additional bonus opportunities as well.

How often can I cash out?

You can cash out when you reach $3.50 or more. It’s as easy as entering your PayPal info and voilà, cash is in your account.

How is my data used?

Brands and content creators are interested in how viewers react to their videos. Our extension lets you use your webcam as a sensor to anonymously detect your reactions to videos on Hulu and YouTube. You can turn it on or off whenever you want, keeping you in control. We never capture or save any video, just numbers representing how attentive and emotionally engaged you were to the video content. We’ll even show you exactly what the data looks like during the onboarding process.

What exactly is Attently Audience?

We’re a market research + tech company that helps brands improve their video content. Improving video advertising means that none of us will have to sit through poorly targeted, boring, or bad advertising while watching the content we love. Content creators can use it too – I mean, better shows and movies… who doesn’t want that?