Earn cash passively by watching any video, show, or movie on Hulu and
YouTube. We don’t tell you what to watch, we just capture how you feel.

3 simple steps

Step 1

Attently Audience is currently in development and will be released in early 2019. To receive an invite to be an early user, complete the survey above and you’ll be added to the waiting list.

Step 2

Within a few weeks, you’ll receive an email invitation to download the Attently Audience browser extension and get started.

Step 3

After you’ve downloaded the Attently Audience extension, we’ll guide you through enabling your webcam so you can start earning cash for every hour of video you watch.

Get paid in cash

You earn cash based on how much content you watch. When you accrue $5, you can request an immediate payout to your linked PayPal account.

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piggy bank

$1 sign up bonus

We’ll help you get started with a $1 credit to your account just for signing up!

Earn extra with surveys

While we primarily pay you for watching videos, we’ll occasionally notify you of quick surveys or other opportunities. Fill them out and earn even more!

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How it works

Brands and content creators want to know how you feel about their online videos. The tech behind Attently Audience lets you use your webcam as a sensor to anonymously detect emotions while you watch videos on Hulu and YouTube. You can turn the extension on or off whenever you want, keeping you in control. We never capture or save any video, just numbers representing how attentive and emotionally engaged you were to the video content. We’ll show you exactly what that looks like during the onboarding process.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs.

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About Attently Audience

Attently Audience is a market research company that helps brands improve their video content. Improving video advertising means that none of us will have to sit through poorly targeted, boring, or bad advertising while watching the content we love. Content creators can use it too – better shows and movies… who doesn’t want that? Join us to help build the future of online video.